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Westown House,

Co. Dublin

Documenting our Heritage

Westown House, County Dublin.

“The seat of Anthony-Strong Hussey, Esq, one of the deputy lieutenants for the county of Meath. This respectable mansion appears to have been erected in the early part of the eighteenth century.

From the terrace in front of the house is obtained a fine view over the romantic glen of Roches, an extensive lawn is spread before the mansion and the demesne, which contains some ancient timber.

The Demense has been greatly improved by its present owner.

Westown was an ancient manor of the family of Bellew, who were residing here in the year 1609, but from whom the property passed by marriage, shortly after that date, to the family of Hussey.

Richard Hussey, Esq. dying without legitimate issue, bequeathed one moiety of his estates, comprehending this manor, to his cousin, Gerald Strong.

The family of Cruise is believed to be of Danish origin, and to derive from one primitive stock with the existing family in Denmark of the name iif Kriuc. of Monfin, in the county of Meath. In consequence of which bequest Mr. Strong assumed the name of Hussey, and dying in 1811, was succeeded by his son, Anthony-Strong Hussey, Esq. now proprietor of Westown”

The Westown House and lands were taken over by the land commission in 1920. The land was divided up and given to the local farmers and the house rented to a Dublin family called Martin.

December 2008 - Just the shell Westown House remains.