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Termon McGrath Castle
Co. Donegal.

Documenting our Heritage

Termon McGrath Castle was built by the notorious Myler McGrath in 1611.

Myler was born in the year 1523 in County Fermanagh where he became a Franciscan priest. Later he travelled to Rome, where he spent much of his early life. In October 1565 he was appointed Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor. Just two years later he agreed to conform to the Protestant faith and in 1570 was appointed Bishop of Clogher (Protestant) and later Archbishop of Cashel (Protestant) and Bishop of Emly (Protestant). He enjoyed his appointments in both Roman Catholic and Protestant religions for nearly ten years until, in 1580 he was expelled from the Roman Catholic faith for heresy.

He remained a notorious figure in Irish history. On the Protestant side he was blamed for serious financial corruption which tarnished the Anglican religion in Ireland. On the Catholic side he was seen as a traitor with a violent anti-Catholic regime. On both Protestant and Catholic sides he was held in contempt for being a drunkard.

In 1623, he died at the age of 100 after spending 52 years as a bishop. In 1649, his castle was attacked and destroyed by Cromwell’s troops. It had been home to the McGraths for just 38 years and was never again occupied.

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Termon McGrath Castle,
Co. Donegal