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Mount Long,

Co. Cork.

Documenting our Heritage

In 1631 John Long is described as building a mansion overlooking Oysterhaven creek and later with the 'Manor of Mount Long'. John Long was the son and heir of Dr Thomas Long, a doctor of civil and cannon laws who had originated from the Long family, proprietors of Cannaway Island.

John Long of Mount Long was made high sheriff for County Cork in 1641. In the autumn of the same year an uprising broke out against the Protestants and John Long and his sons John and James Long, who were considered a rebelious arm of the family, formed a military camp with their fellow Catholic rebels on a hill a few miles away at Belgooly. The following spring Lord Baltinglass landed at Kinsale and marched on the rebels. The rebels were finally defeated after a battle near Bandon. After the battle John Long’s daughter followed her fathers final orders and set fire to Mount Long to deny Cromwell the house. The burnt ruin of Mount Long and the surrounding lands were confiscated and given to a Cromwellian soldier Giles Busteed.

In 1652 John Long was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

He was hung in January 1653 on Cromwell’s orders with thirty four other rebels.

On 23 March 1661 Written from: Whitehall, The King to the Lords Justices of Ireland

"Upon report from the Earl of Donegal, & others, to whom the petition of John Long of Mount-Long, [in the County of Cork], gentleman, was referred, it is ordered that the petitioner be restored to the estate of which his father John Long, unjustly put to death by the late usurped powers, was deprived."

However the petition appears to have never been granted, in 1750 we find reference to Jephson Busteed of Mountlong, son of The Rev. Michael Busteed also of Mount Long who had married Elizabeth Gumbleton, daughter of Richard Gumbleton of Marshallstown, co. Cork.

Further to this we find a Doctor Potter who married Miss Busteed of Mount Long, County Cork, and here the trail ends. The area is now farmed by the Coughlans.

According to local tradition the ancient burial ground which lies close by to Mount Long at Teampuileen is to be avoided after dark. A local farmer tried to remove a wall surrounding the graves but failed in his aim. He saw ‘something’ and fled the area, never to return.

Mount Long is a semi-fortified house built in 1631. The principle room had a plaster-work frieze of scriptural and hunting scenes. Burnt in 1641 the house is now a ruin.

The 1641 Rebbelion :


Mount Long,
Co. Cork