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Leacanabuaile Stone Fort,

Co. Kerry.

Documenting our Heritage

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort, considered one of the finest examples of its kind can be found close to Cahersiveen, County Kerry. Leacanabuaile translates to 'Hillside of the Summer Pastorage’.

The fort was excavated, with iron knives, pins, bone combs and mill stones found, dating the fort to around 800 – 900AD and suggesting the existence of an early Christian farming community.

The outer walls are around 3 metres thick, feature irregular steps leading up the inside and have been reconstructed to a height of 1 metre. Just inside the door of the outer round hut an underground passage leads to a chamber in the outer wall. A further underground drain hole leads out from the square house.

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort is under Irish State guardianship, and is freely open to the public.

The fort is well worth a visit if you are in the area and only short distance from Cahergall Stone Fort.

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort,
Co. Kerry.