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Abandoned Ireland

Ancient Ireland

by Tarquin Blake and Fiona Reilly

Ancient Ireland

Published by The Collins Press in October 2013

ISBN: 978-1848891852
A high quality 352 page hardback coffee table book in full colour

Photographer and historian Tarquin Blake and archaeologist Fiona Reilly have pooled their expertise to provide a vivid record of Irish heritage sites, the first of its kind. The husband-and-wife team regularly visit archaeological and heritage sites and find the more popular ones aren’t always the most interesting.

Carrowkeel Passage Tomb in Sligo is an extensive Neolithic passage tomb undisturbed since its excavation in 1911. Robert Praeger, one of the excavators, described being one of the first to enter the tomb: ‘I lit three candles and stood awhile, to let my eyes accustom themselves to the dim light. There was everything, just as the last man had left it, three to four thousand years before.’ Fiona Reilly agrees, ‘When I first entered, my eyes had to get used to the dim light but when they adjusted I gasped in surprise. I felt like an early Egyptologist entering a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. You don’t feel that at Newgrange anymore.’ On an isolated hillside the tomb is in almost the same undisturbed condition today.

Ireland is rich in such monuments and buildings that preserve the stamp of the past.

Here, Tarquin Blake and Fiona Reilly explore and document 150 Irish heritage sites across the thirty-two counties.

These range from megalithic tombs to round towers, monasteries, castles and ancient churches to the more recent Martello towers and windmills.

Each site has an intriguing past and is illustrated with Blake’s trademark photographs.
Maps and GPS co-ordinates make these sites accessible to the public

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