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Abandoned Mansions of Ireland II
- More Portraits of Forgotten Stately Homes

by Tarquin Blake

Abandoned Mansions of Ireland 2

Published by The Collins Press in October 2012

ISBN: 978-1848891555
A high quality 348 page hardback coffee table book in full colour

‘I came on a great house in the middle of the night,
Its open lighted doorway and its windows all alight,
And all my friends were there and made me welcome too;
But I woke in an old ruin that the winds howled through’
from ‘The Curse of Cromwell’ by W. B. Yeats

The heyday of the Irish country house began in the early 1700s, when most farmland in Ireland was owned by Anglo-Irish Protestant landowners. The land, worked by tenant farmers, financed the increasing opulence of landowners’ mansion houses. The Great Famine triggered a change of fortune: starving, penniless tenants could not pay rent and the landowners’ finances went into decline. Later, the Land Acts transferred land into the ownership of the tenant farmers and, with their rental income removed, many landlords locked up and left. Others frittered away the family fortune trying to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. During the War of Independence and Irish Civil War, country houses became a target for the Irish Republican Army and many were burned. For the remainder of the twentieth century, the increasing expense of maintenance made these houses unviable and hundreds fell into hopeless dereliction.

Following the success of Abandoned Mansions of Ireland, Tarquin Blake documents more forgotten stately homes.

Mesmerising images of these crumbling ruins accompany the histories of the houses and their occupants to tell again a fascinating story of troubled times and private hardships.

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